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The Most Effective Way To Lose Weight

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What My Failures Have Taught Me

When I was 21, I was a slender figure even after having my 2 kids. I felt great and had alot of energy but then a year later I started down my road to failure and obesity and depression. I started gaining weight rapidly, then decided not to wear my makeup as much, then not at all. I started putting my hair up in a ponytail because I thought “What’s the use?” About 3 years later I realized where I went wrong. Thinking “What’s the use?” is where I went wrong. My failures were that I just gave up.

I learned that the whole point of eating healthy wasn’t to lose weight (although it is a perk!). It is to be healthy from the inside out. It is to be able to live long enough to see my babies grow up, graduate, get married, have babies of their own. I want to live life comfortably without the burden of diabetes or high blood pressure. My failures of giving up and not caring have taught me that it isn’t worth thinking that. It isn’t worth not growing old with my husband or babies. So I decided enough is enough.


The Turning Point 

I came across a facebook video post one day while scrolling through my news feed and it was about this girl who I’ve never met, and who was jumping all around the screen yelling with excitement and super happy and she looked pretty fit as well.

My first thought was “What is she so happy about? My goodness.” So I got annoyed and I just skimmed right past it. A couple of weeks later this same video pops up on my news feed. Once again I flew right past it. about 3 weeks later it shows up YET AGAIN! So FINALLY I watch the whole thing through and I realize that this girl is just full of pure joy and happiness and nothing else. Why? Because she used to be me. She used to be the girl that didn’t want to have her picture taken, didn’t want to go to the beach because she didn’t know what to wear that wouldn’t show off that extra jiggle on her arms and legs.

She isn’t that girl anymore. She is fit, healthy, married, and expecting her first child. I thought she must be taking some kind of fat burning pills and doing diets where she can’t enjoy real food and is eating all kinds of nasty food. But of course, my interest got the best of me and I clicked on her link to see how she did it.



It Was The Simplest Thing Ever


It turns out that she is doing absolutely nothing but working out and eating healthier. I took a look at her menu thinking “Well, if she isn’t taking dangerous supplements or drugs then the food must be really healthy and that means it is probably disgusting!” I signed up for her online site and took a look at her menu and realized I was way wrong. Yes, she doesn’t eat fried foods, she doesn’t eat hersheys chocolate bars, etc but she eats really really good healthy food. I’m not talking about lean cuisine healthy tv dinners because that stuff is a big fat lie. Anything processed is a LIE! At least that it what she taught me.

Guys, I’m not selling you anything I just want to clear that up right now. I have no affiliation to this girls website, products or anything. I just want you guys to have the opportunity that I have to get your body healthier and do it the easy way without cutting out what you want to eat the most. Her site is full of tip videos, workout videos, recipes, and step by step videos on how to make the recipes, giveaways and more. It’s just such a good opportunity to get your body back and do it happily. Forget Weight Watchers, Atkins, Nutrisystem, and other fad diets.

Let’s Do This Together

If I haven’t mentioned it already, Kaelin has a support group online with over 70,000 other LadyBoss members who are all ready to jump in when a fellow LadyBoss needs help or a question answered. The way to lose weight and keep it off  is simple. Just eat healthy and exercise. If you would like to see for yourself then go to Facebook and type in “LadyBoss Kaelin Poulin”. She has quite a few informational videos of what she is all about and she will show you what to do from there. I’ve been doing this with heavy exercise and have lost several inches within a month. Friends and family are noticing a change finally!!!

If you have any questions feel free to leave me a comment!


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